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Mar, 2021

SLL 2021 Safety Plan



Located at: Dr. James Standard Park

124 W. Silberhorn Road


Mailing address: P.O. Box 2051

Sequim, Washington 98382


[email protected]

President: Nick Simpson

Phone: (360) 581-0401

Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Cody Owens

Phone: (360) 477-0746

Email: [email protected]

Safety Officer: Brenda White

Phone: (510) 290-1496

Email: [email protected]


A list of Sequim Little League Board Members is available at:


Plan Locations:

A copy of this Safety Plan is posted on our website. A folder with pertinent documents has been provided to each Coach and shall be carried at all games and practices. Hard copies are available at the Sequim Little League Concession Stand and in the Clubhouse. Additional copies are available upon request by contacting the League Safety Officer or Secretary. A full plan will be provided to Managers at offsite fields, including Carrie Blake Park, and Sequim High School.


First Aid Kits:

First Aid Kits are provided to each team. They must be times during all practices and games. Additional kits are available at the Concession Stand and in the Clubhouse. Replenishments can be requested by contacting the League Safety Officer (see page 2).


Cell Phones and Team Contacts:

Each team is required to have at least one mobile phone at all practices and games in case of emergency. Coaches and Managers are required to keep a list of contacts for their team in the event of an emergency.


Fire Extinguisher:

A fire extinguisher is available at the Concession Stand.


Inclement Weather:

Practices and games will be postponed or rescheduled in the event of inclement or dangerous weather, including high winds and thunderstorms. Umpires have the authority to make a judgement call during games. All other weather closures will be posted on our website.



No vehicle traffic is permitted past the parking area except for emergency vehicles and concession stand management.


Speed Limit:

The speed limit at the ball fields is 5 MPH. All park users are reminded to abide by the speed limit to keep our players and visitors safe. If you see something unsafe, bring it to the attention of the League President, Vice President or Safety Officer.


Volunteer Forms and Background Checks:

All League members and volunteers are required to use the Official Little League Volunteer Application and complete an annual background check. A record of applications and background checks is on file with the League Safety Officer.


In addition, the Safety Officer will complete Little League’s Child Protection Program training.  All other volunteers are encouraged to participate in the training and are briefed on recognizing abuse, and the reporting requirements under the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act of 2017.”


First Aid and CPR: A Coach or Manager from each team is required to hold a valid First Aid and CPR Card from a recognized agency. The League Safety Officer will verify all cards and team status before each season. In the event training is needed, the League will provide an annual training session.


Fundamentals Training:

A Coach or Manager from each team is required to attend annual Fundamentals Training, usually scheduled the weekend before Opening Day. Concussion Protocol will also be reviewed. The League Coaching Coordinator will ensure each team has participation at this training.



Field Inspections:

Home Team Coaches or Managers are required to walk the field and inspect the dugouts for hazards prior to all practices and games.

Umpires are required to walk the field to identify any hazards prior to all games.


Equipment Inspection:

Coaches will inspect all equipment at the beginning of the baseball season, and prior to each practice and game. Any faulty League equipment will be turned over to the Equipment Manager. If equipment is deemed unsafe it will be discarded. Unsafe equipment will not be donated or otherwise reused to avoid waste. Parents or Guardians will be notified of faulty personal equipment. Coaches will not allow use of this equipment.


Incident and Accident Reports:

All safety incidents or accidents will be reported to the League Safety Officer or League President within 24 Hours. Reporting Forms have been provided to each Coach. Contact information can be found on page 2 of of this plan.


Concussion Protocol:

Concussion protocol will be initiated anytime there is a head injury. Immediate notification to the League Safety Officer or League President is required if a player or fan is treated beyond immediate first aid (i.e. Ambulatory).


General Safety:

Sequim Little League will follow all District and International League rules regarding safety.  Any identified safety concerns should be reported to the League Safety Officer ASAP. COVID-19 safety protocols are discussed further in this plan.


COVID-19 protocol specific training will be provided for all Managers, Coaches and adult volunteers at the volunteer training prior to the start of the season and is scheduled for March 21, 2021.  




COVID-19 Safety:

Sequim Little League will follow all District and International League rules regarding COVID-19 safety, as well local and state requirements. As a Board we have decided not to be prescriptive here, as it will allow us to move up and down in protocols with the Phases dictated by WA state, and increase or decrease protocols under our County Health Officer’s guidance or recommendations. We will not operate outside of WA Phase requirements. Next, we will follow Little League requirements for COVID-19 play. Little League International COVID-19 recommendations will then be followed, unless WA Phase requirements are different. (See COVID-19 FAQ flyer, which detail every element of practice and play.) In the case of conflict between Little League recommendations, and state requirements, we will follow the state Phase requirements. When there is an absence of guidance, just as we did in 2020, we will follow Sequim School District guidelines. We anticipate serving nearly 220 children that already fall within the Sequim School District jurisdiction and we believe it would be best to again, align with the School District.


While not required, we will provide a courtesy copy of this plan to the Dr. Berry, our County Health Officer, and the Clallam County Emergency Operations Center, as we did in 2020. This is for review and comment and does not imply endorsement. We understand it is not within their normal operating procedures to endorse a non-profit plan such as this. However, we do take their feedback into consideration and do our best to implement their recommendations.


Phasing requirements of the State do not require contact tracing mechanisms to be in place. However we recognize this as our responsibility. Each manager will maintain an attendance record of children and adults directly associated with team practices and play (e.g. players, umpires, team parents, assistants). Managers can email a scanned copy to: [email protected], or place the original in the Safety Officer’s inbox at the clubhouse or concession stand when the clubhouse is closed.


Sequim Little League is committed to providing a safe and enriching program for our players and volunteers. We will email all parents/guardian accounts at the start of the season to let them know they may be asked to provide information regarding their “spectators” and “attendees” at ANY Sequim Little League event, including practices, games, and fundraising or ceremonial events in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak or request for contact tracing. Protocols will also be included. Any changes in protocols will be communicated in the same manner.


To further our administrative due diligence and conduct best practices, serval notices will be in place to remind all participants and their fans of Sequim Little League’s protocols.

1) All fields operated by Sequim Little League have been marked with ribbon for 6 feet intervals for player and spectator use.

 2) Dugouts will only be used for injured players, catchers donning gear, and up to 2 players on deck, with a maximum of 4 players. Other players will follow masking and physical distance protocols at bleachers and within the immediate area between the dugout and bleachers. By using these specific areas, players will be able to maintain physical distance and spectators can be “trained” that this area is off limits to anyone not directly involved in the game.

3) A Banner stating masking wearing requirements will be posted at the gate.

4) Messaging will be posted throughout the complex regarding physical distance and masking requirements. Hand Hygiene (other than team) postings will be placed in areas where there is running water and at the concession stand.        

5) All Board Members have been trained on Sequim Little League protocols COVID-19. Board Members will be monitoring the complex for non-compliance. Any spectator who is non-compliant will be asked to come into compliance. If they do not want to come into compliance, they will be asked to return to their vehicles or leave the complex. Board members will not escalate a situation and will not physically touch a spectator. They may call local authorities if necessary, to resolve a situation. Any call to authorities must be reported to the President or Vice President (see contact page) as soon as the situation is resolved, or earlier if able.

6) The Safety Officer or Alternate Board member will be available at the complex the first week of practice or anytime a significant change in protocols has occurred, specifically to provide answers or guidance to Managers, Coaches, Volunteers, Players, or Parents/Guardians.


COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment and Team Gear:

Each player and volunteer will be required to provide their own mouth/nose covering, which much be secured at the bottom. Sequim Little League will initially provide each team with 10 appropriately sized face masks. In addition, hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes and spray will be provided. Replenishments will be available at the Clubhouse and provided upon request. Requests can be made by calling or texting the League Safety Officer (see contact page 2) or stopping by the clubhouse during practices and game days.

Protocols for hand hygiene and equipment cleaning is prescribed in Little League International COVID-19 FAQ flyer. This will also be provided with the team bag and posted at the bulletin board outside the Concession Stand.


Additional requirements for ball rotation and equipment use are outlined in the 2021 Handbook and will be presented at mandatory volunteer training.


Concession Stand:

Concession Stand Safety and Operating Procedures are posted in the Concession Stand. All volunteers will be trained on procedures. One person holding a Food Handling Permit will be in the Concession Stand during operating hours. The Sequim Little League Concession Stand will follow State Food Handling Requirements. A copy of the posted procedures can be found on page 11.


Point of Contact:

Reporting of incidents or accidents and any questions regarding this Safety Plan can be directed to the League Safety Officer, Brenda White.

Telephone: 510-290-1496

Email: [email protected]




Adapted/copied from Little League Concession Stand Safety Fist for Requirement 9.


  1. DECISIONS: All activities within the Concession Stand are at the approval of a Manger: Ted Lake or Jackie Lake.


  2. AGE REQUIREMENTS: No child under 12 years old may volunteer or work in the concession stand. There must always be an adult 18 years or older, present at the Concession Stand. All paid employees are hired under applicable law. Required employment postings will be reviewed with each paid employee, as to content and location. We will always follow applicable state law if there is any contradiction in our policy or state law.


  3. PERMIT: A person with a Valid Food Handler’s Permit will be on site whenever food is being prepared or sold.


  4. MENUS: Managers will determine menus and pricing, being cognizant of their vendors/sourcing, as well as our ability to keep food free from hazards, such as foodborne illness.


  5. COOKING: Temperature control is imperative to prevent foodborne illness. A food thermometer will be used to check the temperature of potentially dangerous foods. Cold food should be kept at 41° or below or 140° or above if hot. Ground beef and ground pork products should be cooked to an internal temperature of 155° while poultry should be cooked to 165°
  1. REHEATING: Rapidly reheat potentially hazardous foods to 165°. Foods should not be heated in crock pots, steam tables, or over sterno units, etc.


  2. COOKING & COOLING STORAGE: When foods require refrigeration, they must quickly be cooled to 41° and held at that temperature until they are served. To cool foods quickly, use an ice bath of 60 ice/40 water. Place the food in shallow pans and refrigerate. Do not stack pans. Make sure lids/covering are ajar until completely cooled.


  3. HAND WASHING: Frequent and thorough hand washing is most import to prevent the spread of illness. Hand washing posters are at each washing station in the Concession Stand. Follow those procedures.


  4. HEALTH & HYGIENE: Only healthy workers should prepare food and serve food. Anyone with symptoms of illness or disease (stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, mucus, fever, jaundice, etc.), as well as anyone with open cuts or sores on the hands or uncovered arms WILL NOT be allowed in the concession area. Outer garments should be clean, and hair restraints should be used. NO SMOKING is permitted in or around the Concession Stand.


  5. FOOD HANDLING: Avoid hand contact with raw, ready to eat, and food contact surfaces. Use utensils to serve food.


  1. DISHWASHING: Try to use disposable utensils for serving and do not reuse. If not, wash in a four-step process: a.) Wash with hot, soapy water. b.) Rinse in clean water. c.) Chemical or heat sanitize. d.) Air dry


  2. ICE: Ice used to cool foods or chill drinks, may not be reused. Ice for use in beverages or cups, etc. should be stored separately and a scoop must be used to dispense ice. Ice can easily become contaminated when touched.


  3. WIPING CLOTHS: Rinse and store cloths in a bucket of sanitizer- 1gallon of water and ½ tablespoon of chlorine bleach. The solution shall be changed every two hours.


  4. INSECT CONTROL & WASTE: Keep foods covered. Store pesticides and cleaners away from food. Place garbage in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Wastewater SHALL NOT be dumped outside. Recycling shall be in accordance with our garbage collection contract requirements.


  5. WATER: All water used will be potable. It will be from an approved source.


  6. FOOD STORAGE & CLEANLINESS: Foods and supplies shall be kept at least 6 inches off the floor. Clean concession stand and discard unusable food after each use.


  7. A first aid kit and fire extinguisher will be available at all times in the Concession Stand.





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