All volunteers must pass a background check. Please see the links above for the required forms. Thank you.

Manager/Head Coach

-Must attend every game and hold weekly practices
-Attend all trainings
-Share baseball knowledge with others
-Must love the game of baseball
-Appear in uniform at all games.

-Must be available at each game and practice as well as support the manager/head coach in operation of the team
-Share knowledge with others
-Must love the game of baseball
-Appear in uniform at all games.

Team equipment and uniform parent 
-Help manager with uniform distribution and equipment.
-If needed, sort and distribute uniforms.
-Assist manager with obtaining replacement uniforms or missing items according to league guidelines.

Team field safety parent 
-Make sure the field is ready for your team on your assigned field prep days, about 4-6 games
-Work with the League Safety Officer to make sure the fields are safe for playing
-Report any unsafe field and/or park conditions
-Remind Manager to send any accident or incident reports to the league safety officer.  

Team information parent 
Help manager keep player contact information updated and make sure the contact information changes are reported to the league player agent
-Communicate team activities and pictures with the league information officer for the website and the weekly update.

Team parent 
-Assist the manager in whatever tasks to help run the team, for example, organize parents to provide snacks for players
-Obtain regular input from your parents and your specialized team parents about how the season is progressing
-Provide parents’ feedback to the league president on a weekly basis
-Encourage parents to cheer for both teams.

Team scorekeeper 
Keep the official score and pitch count, if appropriate, for your team at each game. Trainings will be provided.

-Umpire at least 4 games during the season
-Must attend training by Chief Umpire
-Love the game of baseball.

Any other special talent/skill to share?
Any other skills such as CPR/First Aid training technician; computer skills; baseball knowledge; weight training; child development; public relations; field development; fund development; etc. 

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